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5 Things You Need To Know About Woocommerce

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WooCommerce is an open-source platform. It is a customizable place for entrepreneurs from all around the world. In simpler words, it is an e-commerce plugin for WordPress. You could sell your products and services on this platform. It is specifically made to make these transactions affordable and accessible for consumers. We are selling digital and physical products, managing shipping and inventory, taking secure payments, and sorting taxes automatically.


WooCommerce is a versatile plugin. It supports a vast number of business models. From setting up subscriptions to using Amazon Affiliate, Woo has a lot of options to start and run an online business with the help of a freelance web designer in Dubai.

This WordPress plugin allows web designer to completely tailor their site to fit according to the needs and reach of their targeted market. Anything could be sold on this website, whether it’s a physical good or a digital good such as books, music, or photos.

With the help of WooCommerce, one can turn their website into a fully functional online store. No license is required! The store could be installed on the server of your choice and you only need to pay the hosting charges.

 Dropshipping is also one of the options on WooCommerce. It is the kind of service where the inventory is only purchased once the sales are made. Then the products are shipped to the customer bypassing the drop shipper. It is also one of the most prevailing forms of business preferred by young entrepreneurs.

If you are an affiliate marketer, you could develop a site to promote other people’s products and earn a sales commission. Moreover, if you are a content site, you could convert all the information provided over membership with the help of plugins from WooCommerce.


WooCommerce consists of inbuilt analytics. It provides you with neat and organized data and pie charts. It offers you several accessibilities such as getting analysis daily, average order totals, individual customer statistics, and way more. This makes it easy for a freelance web designer in Dubai to check out how well the website is performing on a day-to-day basis.

It helps sellers understand their clients and know how they communicate. WooCommerce off the shelf offers a comprehensive collection of analytics in a straightforward and transparent environment. It helps you understand the behavior of your customers.

Adding to that, you can use some popular extensions of WooCommerce. Such as Google Analytics Pro! This would integrate into the analytical solutions and give you vast data over your hard work. Such integrations are key to valuable insights that often go unnoticed.

Useful data is exceptionally essential when making decisions about the future growth of your business. This plugin helps assist the sellers in seeing their performance on the e-commerce store.

You can also analyze the trends and patterns of your customer’s purchasing behavior. So hire a freelance web designer in Dubai to help you create a web for your WooCommerce. You can easily find them on Bawabba.


WooCommerce is open-source. The vulnerabilities on this plugin are patched up quickly at a much higher rate than the other closed-source substitutes. The company that owns WooCommerce works closely with WordPress security professionals, including several other security experts. This ensures the top-notch safety of your site.

It is updated regularly! WooCommerce has an accessible and easy one-click updating system. And due to the constant updating and tracking, this plugin is compatible with the new WordPress versions and its themes.

Moreover, this plugin of WordPress benefits from the worldwide developer community. That helps freelance web designers in Dubai to provide faster and smooth services. In order to guarantee safety to consumers and buyers, all the site owners must be registered and certified by SSL.


Price is always big talk when it comes to grabbing plugins for a website. Several e-commerce applications and sites have a range of fees varying from several thousand dollars every year. However, price is not a concern when you decide to opt for WooCommerce. It is totally free of cost!

In simpler words, compared to other platforms, WooCommerce is very cost-effective. Designing, production, and initiation of a custom webshop can take up to several months. WooCommerce can be set up in a matter of a couple of days. This plugin allows you to put in place and view several themes and choose the one according to your liking.

It facilitates several activities such as up-selling and also cross-selling of products. This entire platform is built to simplify transactional processes. WooCommerce has immense support from a large community of workers who work on online sales.

You could also take help from a skilled professional who could assist you in setting up your WooCommerce site, which you can find on Bawabba with no difficulty at all.


Yes, WooCommerce is free of cost, and you can download it for free. The biggest problem with this plugin is that while the base of the program is free to use, several costs need to be paid for further extensions. This can be very costly, especially for a small business.

WooCommerce might ask you to make punctual payments or hire a plan with monthly fees. For that, it will give you access to some extensions. This can have a significant toll on businesses that are entirely dependent on the fact that the plugin won’t bring along any added costs for them.


With WooCommerce, you’ll be able to get all the standard requirements over a fraction of the cost, as compared to other e-commerce platforms. If you are thinking of starting your online store, then check Bawabba, which would provide you with the best freelance web designer in Dubai to help you launch your website.

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