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5 Web Designing Tips: How a Website Developer in Dubai Can Double Your Profits

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Your website can be the most economical platform for your business in informing your clients and supporting your business to achieve its mission. Some of the best online stores like Amazon and eBay have become popular as a result of their user-centric websites. A good website gives a business power and control over the market as the business can easily interact with clients directly. It also provides a business with a competitive advantage due to the bigger market reach.

Unfortunately, with almost every business running a website, the competition for listing on the first page of organic search engines has never been higher. Today, unless you are using the services of an experienced top freelance website developer in Dubai, your website can fail to give you the desired return on investment. A poorly designed website will be difficult to optimize making it difficult to justify the total cost of the website development. It will also make it difficult for traffic to navigate your content. Hiring the best freelance website developer in Dubai is critical in ensuring that your website is profit-oriented.

Tips for Profit-Oriented Website Design

1. Utility and Usability

Most novice web designers make the mistake of packing the website with a host of features in an attempt to influence how traffic interacts with your website. Unfortunately, users prefer websites with a clean design. Experienced web designers understand that a user-centric website should give power to the person who clicks the mouse. It does not add any value to your website or to your visitor’s experience to have a feature that users will most likely not use. Instead, you should make sure that every feature simplifies how your content and information is presented to your visitors. You should also avoid giving more importance than necessary to the visual design. Customers will not order products from your website because it is trendy.

2. Understand how your target audience thinks

Different groups of individuals think and act differently. A common trend among all age groups is that they scan for information and click on the first link that seems to offer what they need. They are also quick to click the back button if they find that the page does not meet their expectations and continue the process of finding what they are looking for in other sources. When designing your website, you must consider what users find beneficial. A profit-oriented website must factor:

  • Quality and Credibility: Users value quality over everything else. If your page is packed with high-quality content, the users will be willing to compromise on the design of the site, including the presence of advertisements.
  • Users scan, not read: Users do not have time to read your content word for word. Instead, they look for anchors and fixed points that would guide them through the content on the page. In addition to quality content, you must ensure that it is well-formatted to capture the eye of your visitor.
  • Users look for instant solutions: Gone are the days when a website would keep redirecting users to another page in an attempt to increase advertisements. Today’s users are looking for instant gratification, and the moment they feel the page does not meet their needs, they will not hesitate to look for alternatives.
  • Users do not go for the optimal choices: Although you will have to position your web features in a certain way to help users easily find their needs, users rarely go from one section to another. On most occasions, users look for the most reasonable option. You must learn how to satisfice your website to double your profit.
  • Users want to control: Even though you may want to push products to your visitors, you should avoid overdoing it. Giving your visitors options that relate to their primary product can be helpful, but you should restrict to a few products only. Users want to remain in control of their actions. Including pop-ups on your website will increase dissatisfaction, which can make your visitors leave your site.

3. Make everything obvious and self-explanatory

When it comes to page usability, you should make sure that your visitors have no option to think about how your site works. If your page is less intuitive, the question marks will increase and make it difficult for users to understand how to move from one point to another. A profit-oriented website should have a clear structure with moderate visuals and easily recognizable links to help users easily find their way.

4. Keep user requirements minimal

If you are looking to collect users’ personal data, you must be strategic on when to ask for the data. Customers are willing to offer information when they are happy with your service or product. Imagine being asked to sign up with an email to visit a certain page; it sounds out of touch. In the same way, your visitors feel the same when you tell them to give personal details on something they are not sure that they will use again. Instead of asking users to sign up to test a feature, it may be best to let the users first test the feature and then later ask for personal details. Moreover, when asking for personal details, you should avoid the use of long web forms. Websites that require almost nothing from the users are the most successful.

5. Focus the attention of users

An experienced freelance website developer in Dubai knows the power of using static and dynamic content to influence how users interact with a page. Human eyes first notice patterns, edges, and motions, which makes it easy to focus the attention of the users towards something. In the content, images and bold sentences are more attractive to the eye than plain text. When properly used, the elements can help users move from one point to another seamlessly.

Wrap Up

From a design perspective, the use of visually appealing effects is not bad. However, the elements are more effective in leading users through the site content in a friendly way. An experienced top freelance website developer in Dubai can help you increase the returns on your website investment by using the visual elements to focus the attention of visitors towards your goal without making the users feel forced to take the step.

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