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7 Creative Ways A Web Designer In Dubai Should Use To Increase Customer Engagement In 2020

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In today’s highly competitive business world, a website is an invaluable tool that helps businesses to create a relationship with potential clients. A website is usually the first point of contact for most consumers, and thus, it is necessary to ensure that your website is highly engaging. This is beneficial for businesses as it offers customers and clients first-hand information, eliminating clutter and third-party information that could not be relevant or current. Since your website plays an essential role in converting leads, you should take its development very seriously. Although you can easily build your website, hiring an expert web developer in Dubai can help double your profits.

An experienced freelance web designer in Dubai will ensure higher returns by increasing customer engagement, which proves that your customers are happy and satisfied. With an engaging website, your business will likely see a shorter sales cycle, improved customer loyalty, and an increase in natural brand ambassadors. When people are happy about something, they are excited to share their experiences with friends and relatives. Creating an engaging website allows your business to tap into the power of word of mouth as excited customers will instantly recommend your business on their social media feeds and in their social circles.

Strategies that will help you increase customer engagement in 2020

1. The Use of Quiz

Quizzes are easy to use and have a magnetic appeal that most customers cannot resist. An article with a quiz usually has a higher interaction. The amazing thing about the use of quizzes is that you do not need extra time or additional skills to boost your website page rankings. You only need to make sure that the quiz is relevant to the topic. It should also be short and clear to ensure that customers do not spend a lot of time trying to comprehend the quiz. You should not be afraid to experiment with different types of questions, but you should closely monitor the performance.

2. Gamification

Businesses are adopting the use of games to increase customer engagement and amplify their online marketing efforts. The strategy allows businesses to tap into the endless human desire for competition and rewards. A freelance web designer in Dubai can help you to add gamification to your website to boost engagement and entice users to take a specific action. You can use game mechanics to introduce new products to your customers or teach the customers how to use the product. Gamification can further help increase product sales. For example, you can ask your customers to spin the wheel to get discounts that they can use on their next purchase.

You can add value by influencing when the customers should use the discounts by putting a timeline on when they will expire. The strategy will be more effective if you ensure that the visitors can play the game anytime they want across multiple channels. You can increase participation by allowing visitors to share the game and their results on social media platforms.

3. Rewards and badges

Badges have always been a popular way of rewarding good even before the era of the internet, especially in the disciplined forces. Presidents all over the world have a tradition of giving badges and rewards to people who have gone beyond their way to change society in recognition of their efforts. Equally, you can use the method to reward and recognize your loyal customers as a method of increasing engagement on your website. You should establish different reward systems and badges to encourage customers to take part in multiple activities. For example, you can give a special badge to customers who share your website on their social media. You can also give a badge to customers to answer questions and queries from other customers or for making several purchases.

4. Videos

The use of videos is not new in marketing, but new trends are emerging on how businesses can use videos to increase engagement. Traditionally, the video was used to inform and educate, with most videos being how-to guides and product reviews. A good video today should tell a story and carry a level of mystique that can provoke a reaction. Businesses are turning to video to tell their story, and the results are remarkable in increasing engagement both on the website and social media. If you are still not using videos on your website, you can start by creating videos that show a behind-the-scenes customer experience, or an expert answering real-time questions.

5. WhatsApp Chat

Most businesses think about Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter when it comes to social media engagement, but the use of WhatsApp to increase customer engagement can no longer be ignored. With Whatsapp being one of the most popularly used apps every day, businesses that have not integrated the use of Whatsapp are greatly losing. A business can utilize one-to-one chats, broadcast lists, and groups to reach out to its customers in a platform they are already using.

6. Social share buttons

Whenever people come across interesting content, they are always tempted to share it on their social media handles. Unfortunately, most marketers go wrong by putting them in the wrong places where people are not going to use them. Your social buttons are less likely to be used if they have horrible usability that requires too much effort to use them. An experienced freelance web developer in Dubai can help you know how to add social media buttons to your site for more engagement. You can add social sharing buttons within your content and halfway through your content.

7. Discounts for newsletter subscription

The use of newsletters dates back to the explosion of social media marketing. It is one of the oldest online marketing platforms that have remained relevant in today’s highly competitive business world. If your newsletter subscription is not doing well lately, you can capture the interest of your traffic by offering discounts when they subscribe to your newsletter. When it is appropriately done, email marketing has one of the highest returns on investment.

Wrap Up

Customer engagement is a result of combining customer behavior and emotion. It is an indication of how customers feel and what they do. A freelance web developer in Dubai can help you improve your online customer engagement and website experience, allowing you to build relationships based on trust. You should use strategies like gamification and social share buttons to increase interactions between your customers and business and thank us later!

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