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8 Things You Should Remember To Check Before Selecting A Website Hosting Company

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A highly interactive website is integral to the success of every business. However, no matter how good the website looks, it will not achieve its goal or purpose if it is not available to the clients. Therefore, choosing a good website hosting provider is as important as finding the best freelance web developer in Dubai. The hosting provider will determine the availability as well as the reliability and load time of your website. In order for your online store to succeed, you must first do well in choosing the right web hosting company. The right web host will give your business a reliable platform to succeed and thus, you should always conduct thorough research before making your decision. You can also ask a freelance web designer in Dubai to recommend the best hosting service providers for your website if you are not sure.

Things That You Should Never Ignore When Choosing A Web Hosting Service Provider

1. Type of hosting

You should not start looking for a web host unless you are sure of the kind of hosting that you need. The ideal hosting for an online store may not be the best solution for a blog. Different hosting plans have a target market and thus, you must ensure that your website is on a plan that meets its demand. Below is a discussion of three different types of hosting plans that will help you make an informed selection;

Shared hosting: This type of hosting is where most startups start before upgrading to other types of hosting. It is uncomplicated with the service customized for easy set up enabling website owners to host their websites without any trouble. It is also the most affordable form of hosting. In shared hosting, all websites in the plan share key resources like bandwidth. The biggest challenge with shared hosting is performance fluctuations. Most businesses start with shared hosting and upgrade as the business traffic grows.

VPS hosting: VPS hosting is an upgrade on shared hosting but without the complications of a dedicated server. It is the next step once the business outgrows shared hosting. Most online stores start with VPS hosting. In VPS hosting, businesses share servers but with larger portions of resources allocated to each website. You are given the option to choose the best bandwidth and storage for your website.

Dedicated hosting: If you are looking for full control over the hosting resources, dedicated plans are the way to go. However, you should expect to pay excessively for the premium services. The servers can be customized to meet every website need as you have control over the doting architecture. With dedicated hosting, you are entitled to exclusive offers like dedicated IP addresses and automatic backups.

2. Prices

Every business can maximize profits by reducing operating costs, but that should not be at the expense of performance. A service provider with the lowest price does not necessarily qualify as the best but neither is it for the most expensive provider. You should be willing to delve deeper beyond the advertised prices to find the best hosting provider. You must also differentiate between promotional offers and the actual prices. Most providers will offer low introduction prices for a limited period to attract new clients after which subscribers are charged regular fees. You should not select a hosting provider without looking at the regular prices. 

3. Reliability 

Reliability can only be measured with the availability of the service. Most hosting providers have put in place technology that ensures 99.99 percent availability like mirrored hosting. You should choose a hosting provider with several servers in different parts of the world to protect your business from regional calamities and uncertainties. In addition to uptime, you must also factor the speed of servers. The best provider should have in place measures that should improve your page load time. 

4. Security 

You would not want your customers’ information compromised as it can lead to legal and ethical issues. You can protect your customers’ information by ensuring that your hosting provider has put in place security measures. You should look for a provider with the latest and strongest security measures like encryption and malware detection and protection. A freelance web developer in Dubai can help you analyze the security threats that are likely to dodge your website to enable you to select the provider with the best security features for your business. Other elements you should factor in include: 

         Daily backup



5. Essential features

What features does the company offer beyond the basic necessities? Although every hosting provider offers all the primary necessities that you need to host a website, you should look for a provider with additional features that you may need in the future. On top of the essential features of web hosting, you should also look out for additional benefits such as: 

  • One-click installer
  • Htaccess file access
  • FTP/SFTP access

6. Customer support

Before you go ahead and sign up for any service, you should first contact the customer service team. Good customer support will determine your satisfaction level. The best service provider should offer instant response through live chat or telephone. A company with 24/7 support is better as it means you will be able to get support instantly when you need it. 

7. Scalability 

The hosting company should be able to offer plans that meet every business need. It should let you start small with the options of straightforward upgrades in the future. Once your business grows bigger, you will need to increase resources to continue offering exceptional service to your customers. The best company should let you upgrade to the next higher plan effortlessly. 

8. Terms and conditions

If you will be using a shared plan, you must look out for conditions that you must meet. Most hosting companies have put in place measures that protect their clients from activities that might compromise the security and functionality of their websites. You should ensure that your website meets the terms of service before purchasing a plan. You should also take note of the refund policy. What will happen if you notice that the plan is not what you were expecting after only one week? Most companies have a specified time frame where you can get a refund if you choose to cancel the purchase. You should look for a company with a bigger trial period. 

Wrap Up

You are more likely to find the best website hosting company if you have a clear understanding of your business needs. It is rare to find a hosting company with a five-star rating from all its customers. While some will be satisfied, others will be frustrated by the same service. You should talk with your freelance web developer in Dubai before buying any plan. A web developer will analyze your website needs to ensure that you have the best-fit web hosting plan. 

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