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7 Best WordPress Live Chat Plugins Every Freelance Web Developer In Dubai Should Use To Improve Communication In 2020

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Enhanced customer experience is a major selling point in today’s highly competitive online trading. Consumers are looking for solutions and answers online as opposed to the traditional way of calling customer service. If consumers cannot find an effective way to contact your customer service online and get instant answers, they will most likely go to your competitor where they can find the solutions. Although it is necessary to ask a freelance web developer in Dubai to include a phone line and email on your website, you will likely increase customer interaction tenfold by installing a live chat plugin. Whether you are selling your products online using WooCommerce, or through social media platforms, your business will greatly benefit from instant replies. A WordPress live chat plugin will help create customer loyalty guaranteeing repeat customers.

Review of the Best WordPress Live Chat Plugins for a Freelance Web Developer in Dubai

1. WP Live Chat Support

This WordPress Live Chat is a good addition to your store, especially when you factor that it is available at no cost. The tool targets small businesses, but businesses of all sizes can benefit from installing the WP live chat. It offers a host of features that you would expect from the premium tools, such as the ability to customize the chatbox. You can choose from six predefined live chatbox themes allowing you to match the color aspects of your website. The WP plugin also offers you an option of unlimited simultaneous live chats without any subscription. Furthermore, your conversation is not limited as you can add animations, gif files, polls, and surveys on the chat.

2. Tidio Live Chat

Tidio is a popular, highly responsive WordPress plugin that lets you communicate with your customers effectively and in style. The plugin supports 183 languages, which makes it ideal for businesses that go beyond borders or even oceans to different parts of the world. The ability to choose from two styles makes Tidio a good option for a freelance web developer in Dubai looking to get the best in design and style. The color schemes, positioning, and border-radius, can be customized to match your website and personal preference. With most consumers using their phones to purchase online, Tidio ensures that businesses do not neglect mobile buyers with a dedicated application that works with smaller devices like mobile phones and tablets.

3. LiveChat

If you have a fully responsive website that detects different settings automatically, you should add value to your customer’s online shopping experience by installing LiveChat. The big plus about this plugin is that it is completely responsive and retina-ready, which means that your mobile-based customers should have the same experience as desktop buyers. The plugin further integrates with other third-party apps allowing you to manage customer chat sessions seamlessly. The plugin comes with essential features that help businesses to escalate their online presence and sales results. You will find the ability to have multiple live chat sessions and proactive chat invitations very helpful as you try to improve your online brand.

4. Reve Chat

While most WordPress plugins give you an option to include images, surveys, and charts in your chat, the Rev Chat goes a step further to offer other methods of communication. The plugin supports text, video, and audio chat options allowing you to give customers real-time assistance in their favorite channel of communication. The widget further lets you connect with customers on major social media platforms like Facebook and Viber, giving you a better chance to learn about your customers. Other highlights of the Reve Chat include Auto-triggers, screen-sharing, customizable chat banners, and visitor analytics, among others. Its highly customizable nature makes it ideal for a freelance web designer in Dubai looking to style the widget to match their website theme.

5. Live Chat by Formilla

Managing how you communicate with your customers does not have to cost you anything. The Live Chat plugin by Formilla gives you a host of premium features that make communicating with your customers easier. The biggest highlight of this widget is the ability to monitor customer habits in real-time. You can be able to tell your active users from the plugin and even start a chat with them. It further supports multiple languages, which means that the freelance web can customize communication to match the language needs of customers in different parts of the world. Other highlights of this plugin that makes it popular with freelance web developers in Dubai include custom colors, banners, and theme options. Formilla Live Chat also lets you transfer chats for easier chat management.

6. JivoChat

When you have five or fewer agents, you will be able to enjoy JivoChat forever without paying anything. The free option comes with all essential features and a chat history that is limited to two months. If you would like to get unlimited chat history, you will have to choose one of the many subscription options. The plugin is unique as it offers pairing with voice chats as opposed to bot automation common in other widgets. You can customize the colors for seamless integration with your website outlook. Other highlights that you will enjoy with this widget include Facebook messenger integration and real-time visitors monitoring.

7. Tawk.to

Tawk is one of the most sought-after WordPress plugins due to its ability to support unlimited chats and agents. The plugin has a friendly design that is fully customizable to enable a freelance web designer in Dubai to match it to your website theme design. A unique feature that makes Tawk popular with most businesses is the ability to schedule and manage live chats with an advanced scheduler. It is also cross-browser compatible and fully responsive for use across all devices. Other highlights of this WordPress Live Chat plugin include real-time visitors monitoring and unlimited chat history storage.

Wrap Up

The wide ranges of options in WordPress Live Chat Plugins make choosing the best widget a complicated task for some freelance website developers. A top freelance web developer in Dubai can find a free product that offers better service than some paid widgets and thus, you have to make sure that you understand how different plugins match your website needs. A good chat plugin should keep the history of your chats to enable future reference. It should also help you keep track of the customer to know whether the chat was effective in convincing the consumer to make a purchase. Plugins that support multiple conversations help businesses quickly address consumer issues increasing the levels of consumer satisfaction.

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