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How To Generate Passive Income With Your Website?

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The pandemic that the world is currently facing has led to a serious downfall in the global economy. 2 out of every 5 people have lost their jobs and are trying hard to get back on the road. Entire companies, the education system, and everything are now dependent on the internet to make their way out, amidst this crisis. Only the ones that are not affected are those who earn online – freelancers! Many people have started getting into this field, offering different services. Such as graphic designing, content writing, and web designing. These are some tips on how a freelance web designer in Dubai could generate a good income inside his home.


Google AdSense is one of the fastest ways to generate income for a freelance web designer in Dubai. Especially those who are new in the field. This advertising program of Google allows freelancers to run ads on their websites. They get paid every time a visitor clicks on the ads. This program pays at a rate called PPC (Pay Per Click). The most fantastic part of AdSense is that it is free of cost. And anyone willing to make some money can avail of this opportunity.

The thresholds of this program are as low as $100, so that is the only milestone one needs to reach to start making money. One has spent countless hours creating and designing a website, but is not getting enough payback? Instead of losing hope, that person can monetize his website through Google AdSense. This way, Google would make sure that the correct ads are shown to their targeted audience.

Arguably, the best part about AdSense is that everything is handled through Google’s platform, so you don’t have to deal with advertisers. Thus you don’t have to worry about maintaining relationships when hosting ads, nor put any effort into money collection.

Any freelance web designer in Dubai can generate income with this program. It is recommended for anyone whose service or products are not selling. There are tons of other networks out there, but without a doubt, Google is the most reputable. Since it is free, there is no harm in trying it out once.


When it comes to making money, there are several options for a freelance web designer in Dubai. And quite frankly it can be very overwhelming to decide to choose one type. There are niches, blogs, etc. But, a lot of people are drawn to the Amazon Associates Affiliate Program.

The Amazon Affiliate Program is also known as the ‘Amazon Associates.’ An easy way to monetize your blog or your website. The way this works is that you need to sign up for Amazon and confirm the approval. After that, you place an Amazon link on your website, and every time someone purchases something on Amazon via your website link – you get a commission!

It is one of the easiest and fastest methods to mark an extra stream of passive revenue through online sales. Although this is more of an exception to the rule, some amazon affiliates even make six figures per annum.

Designing and creating your website is low-cost and requires little effort. In most cases, it takes a day or less to set up. And launching an affiliate site is the first step. The challenging part is attracting the right traffic, which would result in sales of the product on Amazon.

There are several reasons why a web designer would choose Amazon. Although, one reason could be the fact that it is elementary to use, and hence is a great way to learn the profitable ropes of internet marketing.

More so, the Amazon cookie allows you to gain income from other products as well, besides the one that you are promoting. Since Amazon already has a vast customer base and built-in authority, there is not much selling you would have to do on your website.

 The best results come when you choose the right niche – don’t follow what everyone else is doing. Bring out your uniqueness!


Affiliate marketing is yet another way to earn money from another individual or company by promoting their services or products online. In easy words, web designers would get a reward for sending a new customer to the company. This is a classic advertising technique in a less intrusive way.

Making easy money is the dream of every individual. And doing affiliate marketing would let any freelance web designer in Dubai generate the holy grail of financial independence; passive income. This is considered passive income because it allows you to earn money by adding an affiliate link to your website and does not require constant efforts or the presence of the curator.

Products and services that are linked with the affiliate marketing strategy can be found via the merchant or through an extensive network. For an effective affiliate marketing campaign, you need first to find a niche that you are passionate about. And then build a website on that foundation. As you proceed, you work on the search engine optimization of your website so that it shows up first in the search engine. Once you have brought traffic to your website, then you link it to an affiliate marketing company.

Hence, you wait and watch as dollar bills mount up in your bank account. To make sure that your strategies are working it is essential to test your campaigns through several methods and then later adjust them.


Hopefully, by now, you are well aware of how the website’s growth is achieved. Some of these programs might be too good to be true, but you have to remember, generating income through website designing requires hard work. And such hardworking people could be found on Bawabba.

Freelance web designing is a great way to start an online marketing startup. The only question remaining is which style would you pick to launch your new venture!   

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