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How to Grow Your Business With Affiliate Marketing

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A successful business must have a robust sales network. A good sales network is usually the difference between a top-selling company and a company that is struggling to break even. Without a properly working sales team, every business would struggle to get its products to the customers. The problem is dire in online selling. Big online stores like Amazon rely on a strong network of affiliates to market their products as they understand the power of affiliate marketing. If you have a product that you would like to sell, creating a functional website may not be adequate to get you enough traffic. Instead, you should ask a freelance web developer in Dubai to help you set up an affiliate network on WordPress as part of the website development.

Unlike other methods of marketing that you can use to promote a business, affiliate marketing is highly effective for all online businesses as it offers a 100 percent return on investment. You pay the person making the referral after a sale has already happened, which means that any business can take advantage of an affiliate network to increase sales, even those with a limited budget. It is the only form of marketing that allows businesses to pay for marketing after the sale has already happened. However, you must motivate your affiliates with higher commissions to keep them promoting your products.

Why Should Every Online Business Take Advantage of Affiliate Network To Increase Sales?

1. Expand your sales team

It is expensive to employ a sales team for most startups. Most online businesses are run by sole proprietors or small teams, which makes it difficult to undertake a lot of marketing. Affiliate marketing is friendly to small businesses as it allows them to expand their direct sales team to include experienced individuals in their niches and beyond. Most affiliate marketers are experienced salespeople capable of driving quality traffic with highly engaging content. A business does not need to make any payment to the affiliate marketer for promoting the product as the payment is based on commissions from actual sales. Creating an affiliate program allows businesses to create a network of sales experts without the challenges of an in-house marketing team.

2. Increase customer loyalty

Unlike other forms of business marketing, affiliate marketing allows businesses to benefit from the trust and expertise of your affiliate network. People are more likely to trust an independent voice over your direct marketing content. Since most affiliate marketers are seen as independent reviewers of the product, your business is able to benefit from their voice.

3. Better budgeting

Although you can save money with social media marketing, you will still need to commit money to run ads on social media as well as spend a lot of time and energy tweaking ads. With an affiliate program, you only have to create the program and set competitive commissions for your affiliate network. Your affiliates will do the rest, including promoting your products among their traffic. You can earn a profit and build your brand without putting much effort or setting a budget for your marketing.

4. Create brand ambassadors

In the typical business environment, you will have to pay influencers for them to act as your business ambassadors. With affiliate marketing, your business is able to tap into the large network of marketers who understand your product niche. Your affiliates will create different types of content to promote your business ranging from videos to reviews and comparisons, allowing potential customers to view your products from different angles.

How to Create a Sales Team With an Affiliate Network on WordPress

Creating an affiliate network on WordPress is not difficult with the right tools. Although it is possible to create an affiliate network manually, the process is not worth it as it is agnostic to your e-commerce platform as well as your website platform. If you are using an e-commerce management platform to run your store, you should take advantage of the best free or low-cost affiliate WordPress plugins in 2020 to create an affiliate network. If you are starting a business, you can learn the process of selling your products on WooCommerce for free. A freelance web designer in Dubai can help you choose the right plugin for your business depending on your products and budget as well as your business preferences.

The steps that you should follow to set up an affiliate program include:

Step 1: Choose a plugin and set it up on your WordPress website. The plugins are quick to set up with easy-to-follow guidelines. Some of the popular plugins include:

Step 2: Configure general settings. Depending on your choice of plugin, you should configure pages, referral settings, currency settings, and affiliate form settings. A page is a place where your affiliates will manage their affiliate account. Most plugins will set up the page by default, but if you would like to change the settings, a freelance web developer in Dubai can customize the page to your liking.

Step 3: Configure referral settings. The referral settings let you configure how you would like the referral links to behave. Some of the things you can customize are referral rate type, referral rate, and cookie expiration, among others.

Step 4: Enable integrations. You will need to integrate the plugin with your e-Commerce platform to receive payments. Different plugins have different possibilities and thus, you should make sure that you understand everything your preferred plugin offers. For example, in WooCommerce, you can create coupons with the AffiliateWP plugin. You can also set custom referral rates as well as disable rates for specific products.

Step 5: Pay affiliates. You must set up the payment methods. PayPal and bank transfers are the most popular methods of payment, but you can also use other forms of payment.

Wrap Up

Hiring a freelance web developer in Dubai can help make your affiliate program successful. However, even if you are setting it yourself, you can ensure it is successful by targeting partners in your niche, paying affiliates regularly, and providing incentives to your network. You should further ensure that your commission rates are competitive. Low rates will not attract the best affiliate marketers, but higher rates could eat on your profits. You must factor in your profit margin and discounts before determining the commission rates.

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