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The Process of Selling Your Services Online Using WooCommerce, for FREE!

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If you are a service provider, you may have been wondering how you can use a website to reach more customers. Unlike when you are selling goods, the service industry is practically different. Although you can offer a checkout step where your customers can purchase your service, the fact that the selling process does not involve shipping brings something new to the purchase process. While the focus over the last years has been on selling goods online, there is an increasing demand for freelance web developer jobs in Dubai, specializing in selling services online. Before you consider hiring an expert, you should understand the cost implications of hiring an expert in Dubai. Otherwise, read this guide to learn how you can sell services online using WooCommerce for free.

Why You Should Consider Selling Services on a Website with WooCommerce

Since a service is completed manually, most individuals and businesses do not comprehend the idea of selling their services online. Selling a service is different as you cannot fully automate the process, and you have to deliver the end value personally, either face-to-face or online. Nevertheless, selling a service online is not complicated. You only need to separate the sales part and the provision of the service. You will sell your service in the same way you sell a product, but you will have to complete the service manually once the customer orders the product.

Steps Involved When Selling a Service Online

Step 1: The process starts with a customer visiting your website and going through a list of your services. With the help of WooCommerce, you can easily create a list of your services or even offer variation options. You can also sell services for a fixed price or by the hour charge.

Step 2: Once the customer makes a purchase decision, the customer will add the appropriate service or option to the cart and checkout. In this step, you can give the customer an option to pay for the service before delivery or once you complete the service.

Step 3: The last action will depend on how you offer the service, but it usually happens outside the website. You will have to contact the customer and make an arrangement on how you will provide the service.

Why is it Necessary to Use an E-commerce Plugin to Sell Your Service?

If you already have a website, you will find that it is possible to sell your products even without an e-commerce plugin. Creating a list of services without e-commerce like WooCommerce is possible, but it is challenging and complicated. An e-commerce plugin keeps things simple. The plugin makes it easy to set up your online store and straightforward for your customers to complete their orders. Nevertheless, there are many e-commerce platforms that you can choose for your store depending on your needs. WooCommerce is a widely used e-commerce platform by most startups and medium-income businesses.  

Benefits of Using WooCommerce for Service Products

Accept online payments

WooCommerce not only helps you to sell your service online but also makes it possible to accept online payments. Online payment services bring flexibility and convenience to the selling process. You will not have to worry about chasing invoices and collecting due payments offline. It is also customer-friendly with several payment options. The ability to collect payments before you deliver the service helps to improve your business cash flow.

Easily create service listings

With WooCommerce, it is easy to provide services that display more effectively. Listings created with WooCommerce are friendly to customers thanks to filters and highly responsive buy buttons.

Multiple selling options

The WooCommerce plugin not only helps you create a searchable services list, but it offers additional options that you can take advantage of to sell more like cross-selling and up-selling. The plugin lets you advertise a different service on a sales page of another service. You may further decide to add optional extras that will encourage customers to buy more.

Easy to maintain records

The plugin records all your sales and sends receipts automatically, saving you administration time. WooCommerce can automatically send data to your favorite accounting software, letting you deal with only the critical services. The built-in analytics and reporting further enable you to view essential sales data like the best selling service and who bought the service. You can use the data to improve your service business over time.

Step By Step Guide on How to Sell Services Using WooCommerce

1. Set up WooCommerce

You should go to your website plugins and choose to add a new plugin. Search for the WooCommerce main plugin and install it. You should then activate the plugin and run the setup wizard. During the setup, you should specify your store currency and tax settings, but you should not include shipping settings. On payments, you can accept Paypal and credit cards through Stripe. You can also let customers pay manually offline by selecting the Pay later option.

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2. Create your services list

Once you complete the setup wizard, you will be ready to add your first service. On the “Add Product” screen, you will add a title and a description of your service. You can include images as well as highlight the basic categories and tags for your service. In the product data section, you should select the virtual box and set the price for your service. The last step when creating a service list is limiting the number of services people can buy at once. This is necessary for businesses with limited capacity. You should then review your product and publish it. If you have several services, you repeat the process for all your products. If you find the process tedious, we recommend that you seek a WooCommerce professional offering freelance web developer jobs in Dubai to help you create a list of your services.

3. Publish your services on the website

When selling services, you should avoid using the WooCommerce built-in layouts as they will make your services store look like a product store. Instead, it would be best if you took advantage of the Woo Product Table – Free WooCommerce Table View solution to list the services in a user-friendly table layout. The WooCommerce table solution is best for services as it prioritizes information more than images. The table solution makes it easy for customers to view prices and add services to their cart from the pricing table layout. With the free WooCommerce table view solution, you can set the table to inherit styling from your theme and even add image lightbox displays to make the table more appealing. Compared to other selling plugins, the free WooCommerce table solution is most likely the simplest as you will not need to create and configure columns individually. It is also necessary to ensure that you are hosting your store with one of the best web hosting companies as this will determine the reliability and availability of your store. 

The Wrap Up

The basics of selling services online are not different from marketing products. You should provide your customers with as much information and options as possible. You can request a WooCommerce professional offering freelance web developer jobs in Dubai to create variations of your services that give your customers more options. The process of creating a variety is the same as that of creating a new service, but you will need to select a variable product on the product type option and create attributes to set up variations.

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