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Skills every Web Developer Must Have To Create A Shopify Store

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Front-end developers are people who code websites and create online stores and pages using the building blocks of CSS, JavaScript, and HTML.

JavaScript lets the freelance web designer in Dubai add a lot more to his website. JavaScript is one of the necessary skills one could have. It is used mainly to control maps. These are the maps that are updated in real-time. It also helps in forming interactive films and online games.

Sites like Pinterest use JavaScript a lot. It is also the most popular programming language in the world. So regardless of your career, this skill is precious to own.


JQuery in easy terms is said to be a library of JavaScript. It is a collection of extensions and plugins. This makes developing with JavaScript easier and faster for web developers. Instead of adding each and everything from scratch, the prepared material adds efficiency to the workflow.

JQuery allows its users to add ready-made elements to the project. Then they could customize it as per their requirements. It can be used for countdown timers, and search forms auto-completion. It can also be used for the automatic resizing of the grid layouts.


HTML, known as HyperText Markup Language, and CSS, known as Cascading Style Sheets are one of the most heard of in the web development world. These two are the core elements that every freelance web designer in Dubai must know. Without these two skills, it is impossible to create a website.

HTML is the standard language that is used to create web pages. This language is a way of making notes in a digital document. They can be easily distinguished from regular texts.

CSS is the language that is used to present the document that has been created using HTML. CSS comes along to create the layout, color, font, and style of your website. Both of these languages are absolutely essential for being a good web developer.


CSS and JavaScript frameworks are collections of files that do a bunch of work for you by providing standard functionality, such as logging in to a website or searching for a blog.

Frameworks have their strengths and weaknesses and it is vital to choose the best structure that suits your website. Some frameworks are great for building complex user interfaces. At the same time, others excel at displaying all the content.

A freelance web designer, who could be found on Bawabba, makes the website more fun and entertaining. He does so by using both frameworks. The content would be handled by JavaScript, while the look and feel would be controlled by CSS.


This preprocessing function lets the web developer write code in the preprocessor’s language. And then convert the code into CSS. CSS on its own is essential, but it has certain limitations.

For example, it struggles in defining variables, arithmetic operations, and functions. All these shortcomings would be fulfilled by the CSS preprocessing skill.


Version control is the type of software that lets the developer track changes. This way, they can go back to the previous version quickly and work on it. This helps them find out what went wrong without tearing the whole thing down.

Git is the most popular version control management system. Knowing how to use Git is a requirement for any developer. It is one of those vital jobs that a developer must have, but very few talk about it.


The days of using PCs and laptops are far gone. The majority of the research and listing are done on mobile phones. So this is no wonder that responsive layout and mobile design skills are incredibly significant.

Responsive design allows web pages to adjust themselves to the device that is being used. Understanding responsive design principles and how to implement them on the coding side is key to front-end development.

One cool thing to keep in mind regarding responsive design is that it is an integral part of the CSS framework. The skills are interconnected. So as you learn one, you will be making progress in others too.


Bugs are a reality of the development process. In order to keep things moving, a freelance web designer in Dubai will have to test his codes for bugs along the way. The ability to test and debug is an essential skill for any web developer to create a Shopify store.

There are several different testing methods that could be used. Functional testing looks at a particular piece of functionality on the site. It makes sure everything it does is related to what you have coded.

Unit testing is another method. It tests even the smallest bit of code that is responsible for a specific action on your web. After testing, it sifts through it for the correct operation.

Testing is a big part of web development. But fortunately, it is another area where frameworks come in handy. Programs like Mocha and Jasmine have been designed to speed up the testing process.


In a lot of ways, the proliferation of Graphic User Interfaces (GUIs) in computing was one of the best things ever to happen. It’s a lot easier to point and click on a lively, interactive menu. GUIs can be alluring when it comes to web development. They’re often elegantly designed and handy which makes them more attractive.

However, GIUs do have their limitations. There are going to be times when you would need to open a terminal on your computer. This is where you can enter typed commands in order to get what you need.

It is the difference between what is available on your computer compared to what you can get by digging a little deeper. Even if the majority of the work is done through GUI, still you would need to have mastery of the command line.

Such experience web designers could be found on Bawabba right now!

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