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Top 10 Errors Every Web Developer Should Avoid.

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Web standards have been established to unify the code. This helps in creating independent device apps. Formerly, the internet used to offer way fewer options for markup than it does today.

Oftentimes, a freelance web designer in Dubai uses inappropriate Doctypes. These include transitional HTML that doesn’t apply anymore. Thus, it is always significant to give importance to web standards.

Using outdated HTML won’t process codings. It would result in over-complicated markups. These would then behave inconsistently across multiple browsers. Web developers must avoid using the table element for the layout of content.

They should also limit its usage for displaying tabular data. HTML should be used to describe what the content is. And not how the content should be displayed. If web developers really need to work on the display then they should use CSS.


Bad form is when a web designer prompts a user to provide information. The designers assume that the data would be received as intended. This is especially true when data is entered in the text field. This error causes many things can go wrong. Especially where the user entry is trusted.

It can lead to a page failure if the required data is not provided. Or also in the case when the data received is not compatible with an underlying data scheme. The most serious part is the international violation of the site’s database. This can perhaps be a result of the injection attacks.

A freelance web developer in Dubai must avoid creating a bad form. He should be clear to the user about the type of data required. Aside from being specific, a web developer must take advantage of data validation techniques available today.

It does not matter the way data is validated on the browser site. However, It must always be validated on the server side. This aids in creating a well-functioning website.


There’s nothing worse than clicking on a site and it displaying, ‘Page Not Found.’ There are certain cases where the page does exist but is not being displayed. That typically occurs due to a site conflict or a broken plugin.

Some websites also lose their product descriptions. They might also turn very cryptic to users with impaired visions. Consequently, an adverse effect might befall your business.

Freelance web designers in Dubai must use SEO and support accessibility in HTML. It will assist them in avoiding these page mistakes. Meta tags and descriptions must be added to make the site more user-friendly and optimized.


Bloated responses occur when the page is filled with many high-quality graphics. Files linked with CSS and JavaScript are usually large and heavy.

As a result, the users would be asked to wait long enough for the page to load. To avoid bloated responses, the resolution of the images must be minimized. It should be done for the images that slow down the website.


Websites without proper error checking might reveal problems to the end-users. It results in a dramatic impact on your audience. It also may turn out to be an advantage to a hacker to infiltrate the site.

Using JavaScript and frames, a web developer must be able to implement good techniques. This is done to identify the issues early on and prevent errors. Another way to help generate accurate code is unit testing. This succors to future changes in the code.


A good web developer develops code that responds to each possible scenario. The code becomes a heap of statements, forking in all sorts of directions. As the new versions of browsers update, management of the code files become more bulky and difficult to manage.

web developer must implement feature direction in the code. It dramatically reduces the amount of code. Ultimately, it becomes much more convenient to read and manage. Proper tools and software would feature detection. And they would also help in providing fallback support for the old browsers.


These days not keeping a responsive web design as a top priority can lead to a major blunder. The entire site would be shown on a very tiny screen. Therefore, poor web design might cause hurdles for mobile users.

This would all add up to a bad user experience and later have adverse effects. A freelance web designer in Dubai must think critically. They should use a responsive design on their websites. A very popular RWD library is Bootstrap.


It is common for a freelance web designer in Dubai to be fond of a particular browser. I really despise one. Just this bias may cause great errors in the web development process. Writing a browser-centric site will result in poor quality when displayed in other browsers.

A good developer must check how his website appears in multiple browsers. Free tools are now available to help check the appearance of your site on every platform. This would help the web developer fix their errors and make the website more welcoming.


This is the part where freelance web designers make errors in the site which causes constant refreshes. Every time the user interacts with the site, the content automatically refreshes. The performance of the page time is affected. The visitor would not find a seamless experience. Each click or interaction would cause a long resetting of the page.

To avoid this, web designers must determine whether posting back to the server is a necessity. AJAX techniques could be used here to make the site more approachable. JavaScript frames and libraries make the adoption of these methods much easier for web designers.


Working too much on-site can conclude in mistakes that could’ve been easily avoided. When the developer does repetitive tasks or simply types a lot, his focus diminishes. His work is susceptible to mistakes. And as a result, troubleshooting them takes even more time.

To avoid these errors, efficient tools and techniques must be used. Mistakes and errors could be avoided using the automation process.

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