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10 Skills Every Beginner Web Developer Should Have

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With rapid internet usage all over the world, web developers and designers are now in high demand. The industry has been projected to grow much bigger and at a faster rate of 13% between 2018 and 2028. With popularity comes competition, and regardless of how long you have been in the industry, you still ought to step up and let your brand known. The majority of freelance web designers in Dubai have mastered the art, having spent years perfecting it.

However, there are beginner web developers in the region, who would help you to grow your website, but only at a relatively lower price. So what would you expect such newbie designers to do that would still have high success rates for your website?

Take a look at some of the top ten skills every beginner web developer should have.

1. Creating a website on WordPress

More than 25% of the entire internet is made up of websites on WordPress. Today, there are over 75 million websites on WordPress alone, thanks to its flexibility to be used by both beginners and established web designers.

The platform is relatively simple to use as all you have to do is edit and modify the web pages. This is a content management system that is freely available to anyone who knows how to add plugins and test for bugs correctly. Furthermore, everything is made simpler, such as the Yoast feature, which helps one with SEO suggestions and other skills.

You can get your website developed on other platforms, which are almost guaranteed to cost you more. However, if working on a low budget with a beginner freelance web developer in Dubai, then WordPress should sort you out.

2. Search Engine Optimization

Modern-day marketing is nothing without Search Engine Optimization (SEO) which is its driving force. Many businesses, if not all, have put up websites which they use to drive more traffic to them and try to secure the leads and convert them into sales. 

Having a well-optimized website makes it easier for it to be found on search engines, hence ranking higher on the result pages. This is made possible by the use of excellent SEO skills, which beginner web designers ought to know.

Part of the expertise the novice has (and should know) on SEO includes boosting page upload speeds, keyword-oriented content, domain credibility, etc.

3. Analytical Skills

One can be an outstanding web developer in the UAE, with successful websites; however, there is a marketing side to it that many are not aware of. It is no brainer that functional sites are more successful, but consumer behaviors are always changing.

Due to this change, development skills, including design and coding, have to evolve too to satisfy the consumers. To keep your website visible to the world, even with the stiff competition that is there, the developer ought to have a strong understanding of the target audience and the niche market for them to sell your website well.

This is one of the things every beginner web designer has at their fingertips, which is assured of getting you high success rates for your website. 

4. Responsive Design 

Over the last couple of years, ever since smartphones became popular, many internet users are accessing websites from their cell phones. It is now important, more than ever, for sites to have a responsive design that is compatible with mobile phones.  

The ability to do this can be learned from one of the basic web development courses undertaken by web designers in the UAE. So with a new website in place, getting it made responsively is a task that can be done to you swiftly. However, the person making your website responsive must know what they are doing because one small mistake, such as slow speeds, can make the web visitors close it and load a competing site.

5. Installing Woocommerce for WordPress

For anyone who runs an e-commerce website, where they might have to sell their products, having a reliable, open-source e-commerce plugin is vital. Woocommerce is one of the best plugins available for use, and what’s more, is that it doesn’t require a rocket scientist to install it. 

The process of selling services online for free using Woocommerce is a simple one that can be easily be accomplished by a newbie web designer. If need be, you can be trained on how you will manage the website on your own, with only a few maintenance costs to incur.

6. Embedding videos from other platforms

If your website doesn’t contain any interesting pictures and videos, then your chances of attracting more visitors decline, with a possibility of high bounce rates. To run a successful blog or website requires you to have these videos and other related media to be embedded. 

Luckily, this is something that can be done by a web designer who doesn’t necessarily have years of experience.

7. Updating content on the website

The creation of a website is one thing, but keeping it running is another thing. For a website to be deemed relevant in the eyes of search engines such as Google, it ought to have content updated on them regularly.

For many people, having a qualified content writer isn’t enough because they might not be well-versed with the nitty-gritty surrounding uploading content on the websites. You might not be available on an almost daily basis to upload fresh content to your site. This is why you can get a freelance web developer in Dubai to do so for you at a much lower cost compared to getting an entire firm to run your website.

8. Graphic Design

Website and graphic design are two different fields, but they all take up a similar creative space. In many places, for one to study web development, they ought to have studied a thing or two concerning graphic designs.

Hiring a web developer who understands graphic design is value to your money. This is because they can craft new visuals to aid in the spread of your message.

9. UX Design

The UX design, or user experience of a website, typically implies what people feel like when browsing through your website. Getting a good UX design doesn’t require a lot of analytical skills. Any talented designer, whether new to the system or experienced, will easily layout the content and pages on your website to satisfy the needs of your visitors.

After the development and repeated testing, the website’s design is improved, thus increasing conversion rates.

10. Color Accessibility 

Color is a very crucial part of website development. One does not just use it anyhow, but a lot of things have to be taken into account. It would be best if you considered the types of colors that are ideal to be used in the foreground and background.

Several tools, such as Vischeck, can be used to determine the best type of colors to be used on your website. Unfortunately, this is a task best done by a trained web developer, even for the one who might have just begun practicing. This is because they are trained to choose colors that some people don’t have trouble reading through.

Bottom Line 

Having a successful website shouldn’t be a daunting experience for you. Figure out what you want, and you can contact the many qualified freelance web developers in Dubai without having to create a dent in your pockets. 

However, it is also crucial that you understand the cost implications of designing a website in Dubai before hiring a designer. 

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